I want to know more!

Picture above taken by me and modeled by Raquel


This website is still very new and I still haven’t found my voice or direction totally. However, I am trying to teach myself more discipline and looking for inspiration in action. So for now, I’m just writing about whatever springs to mind in the moment I open this page. I had had some ideas for the next post, but as soon as I started writing the title, I knew I wanted to write something else instead.

I would like to consider myself a very ‘aware’ person. I keep relatively up to date with news and current affairs, I’m studying Journalism and Media, I watch a lot of documentaries, I work with people from all over the world everyday. Despite all of this, I have been feeling very ignorant lately. So I just want to share this quick post on the things that I want to learn more about over the next few weeks. Of course there could be an endless list of things here, and more important things, and if you want to share some of yours, please do.



I would consider myself a feminist in so far as I believe in equality, but I have never been active in this belief. However, recently I have stumbled across a new YouTuber Blair White. Her channel is a platform she uses to speak against movements such as Feminism. I think Blair’s shock value is that she is a trans woman with conservative views. We tend to have this preconceived notion of what someone should believe politically, based on their own sexuality/gender/social group. I was confused as to why anyone would be against a movement which simply calls for equality. At the same time, I realised, I had never really looked into it or questioned it myself. This is why it is something I simply want to learn more about. After all, it is MY apparent oppression which feminists are fighting against.


Story time: When I was a newbie in the Pride Society, my University’s LGBT society, I quickly had a new group of very diverse and welcoming friends. The second time I was in this group’s company, it was lunch time. One of the girls, let’s call her Lee, told us all about this great meme she had seen on Tumblr. Let me see if I can find it, ah yes, here’s something similar. 


Now, I agree with the sentiment. I do think another person’s religious belief should not affect the lives of another person. However, when Lee said this, the other few people at the table laughed arrogantly. I sat silent and confused. I had never experienced such flippant yet strong comments which assumed the agreement of everyone else present. At the time, I wasn’t well informed on the topic, but I considered myself ‘pro-life’. In this situation because I had become a part of the LGBTQ+ community, my political stances were also assumed. This caught me off guard, and I felt very uncomfortable. I felt like to be a part of this ‘support group’ I had to agree with all of their political stances as well. Ironically, I do agree with them now, but through my own education and questioning, not just because they told me to. 

The point of the story is that I usually make my choices based off my own research and opinions. I became vegan after a long time looking into the pros and cons, I became pro-choice because my understanding of the topic evolved, I campaigned strongly for Marriage Equality in Ireland because it’s something I have always believe in and related to very passionately without any doubt in my mind. However, I’ve never really looked into feminism in debt, I was always like hmm, makes sense. So, I want to learn more about the movement and it’s history in the next few weeks and then see if I would still like to be a part of that movement. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Crypto Currency

This buzz word has been floating around for a few months now. Until now I have been happily rejecting the concept from my mind. I have enough going on in there as you already know. However, one of my childhood hero’s Hank Green mentioned it in his latest videos as one of the reasons change and the youth scare him. I don’t want to be scared. I want to be equipped with the knowledge I wish my parents had about technology. An also I may have seen a few videos in my ‘suggested’ with titles a long the lines of, HOW CRYPTO CURRENCY MADE ME A MILLIONAIRE. Where do I sign up??


How to be happy, travel, save and run a business all at the same time. 

Not much else to say under this one, who doesn’t want to learn how to achieve the above. Run my own business, be my own boss! Have the freedom to travel and save at the same time because your earning Euro and spending in Baht. I love travelling, but in the past, I have worked to travel and then spent to zero, and have to start working again. I want to crack the code that is travel and work and long term goals.


How to save the world.

Peace and love. Go vegan everybody. I would make a fantastic pageant contestant! 😉


Thanks for reading this absolute brain sneeze, your attention is appreciated. Is there anything about the above that you could teach me?





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