5 Tips for Vegan Wedding Guests

I’d been vegan for 2 years and my food anxiety was worse than ever. There was a wedding approaching fast. An entire day without control over your food. A vegan nightmare! The ceremony was to start at midday and our taxi home was booked for 2:30 the next morning. Cream filled soup. A vegetarian option laced in cheese. I couldn’t even think about desert. This would be my first wedding as a vegan and I was determined to not let my ethical choices impact my enjoyment of the event. There have been so many smaller functions which I have felt totally alienated and quite frankly, hungry. Thankfully, Rogan and I came out the other side well fed and hung-over just like every other guest there.

If you have a wedding coming up and whether you have a plant based diet or are vegan, the following  list is for you. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to relax and look forward to a fun day & night! Enjoy!

  1. Snacks Snacks Snacks

This tip should be at the top of every Irish wedding ‘to-bring’ list. That lull between the ceremony at the meal is not always filled with tasty treats. (Hint to all the soon-to-be-weds, all the good ones are!) Think small but mighty to avoid bulky bags. Protein bars/balls are a good options. If these don’t tickle your fancy, dried fruits are always an option. If you have enough time, you could prepare sweet potato chips the night before.

Vegan Main
“Thankfully the vegan main saved me…”
  1. The Fake Gift Bag

Think about step one in detail. What food will you have time to prepare? What will fill you for longer? What will you be able to eat on the go?

Got it?

Good. Now, how are you going to carry this? That little clutch isn’t going to cut it. Your suit jacket doesn’t have enough pockets!

This is where the fake gift bag comes in handy. Throw your snacks in here and everyone will just think you’ve planned an awesome present for the newly-weds. Now of course you can also put a gift in there and just give it when your supplies are down to clutch/pocket size.

I wish I thought of this sooner. I went to the wedding with my pockets lined, my clutch bulging and my fridge filled with the rest of the food I had thoughtfully collected! Thankfully the vegan main saved me and was delish! But still… don’t make the same mistake I did!

  1. Call Ahead

Most restaurants will already have vegan food available, yano, fruits and vegetables? Despite this, it wouldn’t harm to call ahead and ask the receptionist to pass on the information to the wedding coordinator or chef. If the wedding is coming up and you’re afraid it’s too late, don’t worry! I called the morning of and it worked out just fine – just don’t wait until you’re sitting at the table and the bolied, tasteless rice & veg is already flying around the room.

You can also write this detail on the RSVP, but if you’re forgetful like me, this tip is essential!

  1. Chance your Arm

If step 3 hasn’t worked out as well as you hoped, remind yourself that vegans are people too and need to eat like everybody else. If it’s cream soup for starters, ask for fresh fruit. If they’re serving ice cream, ask for sorbet. I know some people who are very nervous about annoying people and being awkward, but what someone else thinks really isn’t your responsibility. Your vegan and rumbling belly is. I challenge you to speak up more in restaurants if you don’t already. You might surprise yourself with how helpful people actually are.

  1. Where’s The Nearest Shop?

There will be a point when your meal is a distant memory and a few hours of dancing and small talk has caught up with you. Everyone else is sorted because the sandwhiches are already out in full force. Unfortunately the closest things to vegan on your platter will be an egg mayonnaise sambo. You’re about one vodka away from embarrassingly drunk & slurring your words. Food will be a must.

To avoid this scary image, see tip 1 & 2 again AND check where the nearest shop is. Preferable gas station, because they’ll stay open later. At this point in the night it’s OK to sit eating a pack of popcorn or Pringles. Everyone is too buzzed to judge.

In our case, our snacks ran out fast and we found ourselves thanking the gods that the nearby shop would be open for 10 more minutes. Rogan sprinted there like no man should in skinny fit slacks. 20 minutes later our table was the place to be with friends and family sat around a pile of pistachio shells and popcorn wrappers.

I’d love to know what other tips you would have for next time! Have you ever tried any of these tips? If so, how well did they work? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to know more!

Thanks for reading, catch you in the next one!



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